Massage Treatment For Chronic Pain

A third of adults can suffer from some sort of chronic pain in their lives, according to the National Institute for Health. Any pain that lasts longer than six months can be considered chronic pain and studies show that massage treatment can help in a few different ways.

Relaxed Muscles

Due to the chronic pain muscles will tense up but not release, which can cause even more pain. However, with massage treatments the muscles can be stretched, which then helps relax tense muscles. When there is a lot of inflammation it can also irritate the nerves, causing pain to spread.

Releases Endorphins

Massage therapy can release endorphins into the body, which can help decrease the perception of pain. Dealing with chronic pain can also cause a lot of stress and depression and the release of endorphins helps relieve those symptoms as well.

Increased Circulation

A massage will help relax the nervous system, which will increase blood flow and help flush out the muscles. The increased circulation helps restore normal movement to the muscles to help an individual have increased muscle movement. If an individual can move, it can help reduce the pain even more. The increased circulation can help reduce the buildup of collagen and scar tissue that is caused by the pain and poor circulation.

Reduced Stress

Chronic pain can cause stress in many ways. If an individual is unable to work because of the pain it can cause a lot of stress, which a massage can reduce by all the above. This also increases a person’s general well-being.

Those with chronic pain should be under the care of a physician to help them determine the cause of their pain, and they should ask their doctor about the benefits of massage therapy. The massage shouldn’t be limited to just the localized area of the pain, but rather the whole body to get the full stress-relieving benefits.

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